Sailli Viroha (Singapore and Malaysia)

About us

Sandeep Sailli – Managing Director and Founder

A university of Brighton, UK graduate with Master degree in Physiotherapy, Sandeep established Sailli Viroha Pte Ltd in 2013 in Singapore and Sailli Viroha (M) Sdn Bhd in year 2014. Sandeep has been in rehabilitation business since 2003. He has also been clinician, and lecturer in national physiotherapy programs in Singapore and Malaysia.

Sandeep is experienced in successfully managing companies and business operations in different cultures and countries He has strong business network in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Brunei and Vietnam and Indonesia.

Pratiti Gautam Kaji – Director (Singapore and Malaysia)

A Senior Physiotherapist by profession, Pratiti provides support on operational issues of the company. Her ability to plan, organize and implement work processes provides Sailli Viroha a solid background to move forward. As an adviser, Pratiti helps build strong team for Sailli Viroha.

Premiers Medical Co., Ltd, Thailand

Thrittar Pakhunsin – Managing Director

Thrittar Pakhunsin is trained Physiotherapist with 15 years of rehabilitation industry sales and marketing experience. She is well travelled in all provinces of Thailand had has excellent communication skills with staff and customers.